Glenwood Subway painting and relief sculpture

Glenwood Subway painting and relief sculpture


The art installation in Glenwood Subway was the final part of the project to improve the subway, which had included resurfacing, improving the street-lighting and installing a new pedestrian crossing. Consultation with local residents, businesses and the local school, Springwood Primary had indicated a desire for artwork within the subway, in collaboration with the school.

Artists Louise Shenstone and Kathy Dalwood were selected to implement the project and Louise ran a series of workshops at Springwood Primary. The workshops focussed on two themes:

the architectural context of the area - 1960s housing
graphic design of the 1960s

Working with black and white photos of the local area, the pupils were encouraged to draw and cut out coloured papers to create shapes based on the architectural shapes. During follow-up workshops they had an opportunity to create plaster casts based on their architectural and graphic shapes. Both the colour cut-outs and plaster casts were used by the artists to create the design for the final work.

The subway was officially opened on 16th May 2014.

Response from local residents has been very positive with comments such as:
“I don’t think that you could have done a better job. It’s
like wonderland for children and old age pensioners like

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